Masonry Restoration


You usually don’t realize you need masonry restoration until a dramatic failure occurs, long-term issues with masonry are typically undiscovered. The time-related impacts of weather and climatic conditions, as well as water infiltration, are significant factors in these failures.


Masonry is the practice of constructing structures by laying individual masonry units, such as brick, concrete blocks, and stone. Masonry construction gives commercial buildings attractive walls and floors. It is typically labour-intensive but well worth the effort.

Masonry can assist boost a structure’s thermal mass and is more resistant to debris and adverse weather than other building materials. Due to the nature of masonry materials, masonry is highly robust and resilient, yet it can become worn and fractured with time.


The primary objective of masonry restoration is to restore an older or damaged structure to its former appearance and functionality. If masonry is sturdy enough to last for a long time, it is

impossible to prevent repeated exposure and even more difficult if made improperly. Naturally, porous masonry materials tend to absorb precipitation and ice.

Brick Restoration is masonry restoration in which a brick structure’s beauty and structural integrity is restored. The restoration method entails mending brick and mortar deterioration, reviving brick colour, and replacing loose bricks.

When performed correctly, masonry restoration will leave your building appearing as good as new, making the restoration procedure worthwhile.

Repairing Damaged Mortar

Masonry Restoration
Full Exterior Restoration
Tuckpointing old building

Mortar is the cement mixture that is used to bond each brick. The mortar can deteriorate over time, resulting in structural integrity, aesthetics, and other difficulties. Brick repointing (tuckpointing) is the primary method used by brick restoration professionals to fix broken mortar joints.

Mortar joints are the separation between each brick. Proper tuckpointing is vital to fix and preserve the quality of the brick construction. Due to weather, moisture, lack of upkeep, and accidents, mortar and bricks can deteriorate over time. When this happens, repointing is required.

We all know what kind of weather we have in Toronto during the winter months, and what happens is moisture gets into the brick joints and then freezes and thaws and freezes and thaws. This cycle expands and contracts the mortar between the joints, leading to the deterioration of the mortar.

Repointing requires the removal of damaged mortar and the proper placement of fresh mortar. Although it appears straightforward, it is not a do-it-yourself project for building owners, as the poor application of mortar during repointing can seriously compromise the brick’s long-term structural integrity.

Rejuvenating Brick Colour

Brick appearance is a significant consideration for homeowners & building owners. Because brick and mortar are susceptible to absorbing moisture, filth, and pollution, they start to look dirty. Weather exposure can also gradually degrade the colour of bricks. In some circumstances, the colour of the brick may begin to fade before structural stability concerns arise.

Thankfully, in most cases, Brick colour can bring the brick colour of a building or home back very close to the original colour. This can be accomplished in numerous ways by a professional brick repair firm. The bricks will likely be pressure-washed, vacuumed, and scrubbed to eliminate all pollutants before a masonry stain is applied to get the desired hue.

Replacement of Loose Bricks

A contractor must replace any loose bricks.

When a brick becomes loose, it is usually necessary to replace it. In some cases, broken bricks may be irreparable and must be replaced with brand-new ones. Bowman Masonry professionals in brick restoration can remove and replace a loose or damaged brick without harming the surrounding bricks, along with matching the original brick.

We begin by delicately chiselling away the mortar from the joints. After removing the old brick, the empty cavity is cleaned out. If the brick can be repaired and cleaned, it will be reinstalled. If not, the damaged brick will replace the old brick with matching brick.

Bowman Masonry restoration professionals achieve consistent outcomes when removing, cleaning, and replacing loose, damaged, or extremely dirty bricks, despite the complexity of the operation.

Advantages of Brick Repair

The most important advantages of brick restoration are the capacity to preserve the structural integrity of the home or building, the enhancement of the house or building’s aesthetic, and the elimination of the need for wall replacement. The brick repair can extend the life of brick walls by decades and return older structures to their former, more appealing appearance.

In contrast, deteriorating, discoloured, or obsolete brick constructions that are not maintained might lead to increased costs and replacement sooner than necessary. Brick revitalisation is often recommended for business establishments since it can offer a more professional appearance to attract consumers and clients.

Taking pride in the appearance and quality of your property demonstrates your attention to detail, and brick restoration is an excellent method to keep your home or commercial building looking fantastic at all times.

Contact the Brick Restoration Experts at Bowman Masonry Restoration when you need a competent contractor to restore a damaged brick building.

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