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Chimney Rebuilds and Repairs in Vaughan


Bowman Masonry - Your Partner in Chimney Excellence

Bowman Masonry is a name that resonates with exceptional craftsmanship in chimney rebuilds and repairs within Vaughan.


Our unwavering dedication to quality combined with our local focus sets us apart from competitors ensuring your chimneys functionality while also enhancing the beauty and safety of your home.


We are committed to providing top notch services that meet all needs without compromising on excellence at Bowman Masonry!


Let us take care of all things related to your chimney so you can rest easy knowing its being handled by experts who truly care about delivering results beyond expectations every time.

Vaughan's Chimney Needs - What You Need To Know

Chimney structures in Vaughan face unique challenges due to our distinct seasons.

The freeze thaw cycles during winter can cause significant damage leading up cracking or structural issues if not addressed properly.


Bowman Masonry has extensive experience dealing with these local climatic effects and ensures that your chimneys remain strong against any weather condition throughout the year. Our team specializes in providing tailored solutions for every clients specific needs based on their location within Vaughan. Contact us today!


Vaughan boasts a diverse range of historical homes that are rich in architectural details and charm. Chimney repairs or rebuilds within these properties require careful attention to detail as well as proficiency with traditional masonry techniques.


At Bowman Masonry we take pride in our ability to preserve the integrity of your chimneys while ensuring they meet modern safety standards.Our team has extensive experience working on heritage projects like yours – so trust us when it comes time for maintenance!

Chimney Rebuilds - Aesthetics and Functionality

Chimney rebuilds in Vaughan require tailored solutions that are customized to fit each homes unique needs.


Our team works closely with homeowners to create designs that not only function efficiently but also complement the aesthetic of their property. Whether you prefer contemporary or classic styles we have got your back!


At Vaughan we understand the importance of using only top quality materials that can withstand any environmental conditions.


Our selection process involves sourcing durable bricks and mortar products which complement your homes style while ensuring long lasting bonds between them. We prioritize material mastery above all else so you can rest assured knowing that our workmanship is second to none.

Chimney Repairs - Safety and Efficiency

Our top priority is ensuring the safety of your home and family. Our chimney repair services start with a comprehensive inspection that covers every inch of your system – from minor cracks to major structural concerns.


We take pride in making sure each fix not only addresses immediate issues but also contributes positively towards long term health for your chimneys well being.

Working in Vaughan over the past 2 decades we understand how valuable time is. That’s why when it comes to repairing chimneys we strive for efficiency and speed without compromising on quality or safety standards.


Our team works tirelessly so that you can get back to your daily routine as quickly as possible while ensuring maximum functionality from your chimney system. We take pride in delivering prompt repairs with minimal disruption caused by our workmanship. Contact us today!

Vaughan Experts - Your Masonry Team

Bowman Masonry is more than just a service.


Our expertise extends beyond our craftsmanship as we have an intimate understanding of local regulations, building codes and community standards that ensures every project meets compliance requirements while maintaining the highest quality possible.


With this knowledge at hand, you can rest assured knowing that when working with us you are receiving nothing but excellence from start to finish!

Bowman Masonry - Your Chimney Needs in Vaughan

When it comes to chimney rebuilds and repairs in Vaughan, Bowman Masonry stands out as a trusted name.


Our commitment towards serving local needs coupled with our expertise in masonry makes us the go-to-choice for homeowners across town.


Contact us today so we can schedule an appointment and help you ensure your chimneys integrity while enhancing its beauty at the same time!


We look for all sorts of issues at Bowman Masonry Restoration LTD.


We don’t want to see you stuck paying a lot in chimney repairs. Call us today for an estimate on what it’s going to take to prevent your chimney from deteriorating.


What Our Vaughan Customers
Are Saying About Us

“Bowman Masonry came highly referred to us and now we couldn’t agree more. He is the only one we contact whenever we have masonry work to be done.


As a general contractor it is imperative for us to have subcontractors who meet their deadlines, are reliable, professional, hardworking, clean up after themselves and interact in a positive manner with clients – Bowman Masonry excels in all of these aspects. With Bowman Masonry we always end up with wonderful results – and our clients couldn’t be happier.


Thank you to Guy and team for all your hard work over the last three years!” “I have been working with Guy Bowman, owner of Bowman Masonry for some time now, and I have found him to be honest, reliable, flexible, and cooperative.


I have received high praise from my customers for the quality of his work, the politeness and professionalism of his crews, and their cleanliness and attention to detail.


Guy goes out of his way to accommodate my and my customers’ needs. He does jobs that others run away from, and makes them beautiful.”

– Andy Vaughan, ON |


If you are looking for Masonry Contractor in Toronto or any of the service areas above.


Call Bowman Masonry Restoration LTD at 647-341-1770 or fill out our online request form.


Scaffolding is a requirement for most chimney projects, and is an area where Bowman Masonry can save you money. We not only own scaffolding equipment but have the employees to erect scaffolding as well; ensuring that you pay for the work to be completed, not on getting our masons where they need to be.

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