• Masonry Repairs

What do most people fear about Toronto masonry restoration? Most of us would answer with all honesty that it would be the cost to of the masonry repair. For those who do not know what the term masonry covers, it is a structure that is built using mortar like brick, block, stucco, stone, manufactured and so on. Most masonry damages on homes are caused by natural disasters or structural issues. When you have major structural issues on a home cracks are visible on the exterior wall of your masonry exterior. At this point it is highly recommended that you call a structural engineer to view the damage and confirm that you truly have a structural damage. Structural engineers can charge fees anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on the size of your home and location.

  • Brick Repairs

There are different types of brick repairs a home might need whether the home is new or old. Signs of brick repairs needed on your brick home can include hairline cracks, broken bricks, cracked mortar, and separation of the brick. Most of these repairs are due to structural issues of the home and contacting a structural engineer is highly recommended in order to determine if your home has foundation issues. If your home does have settling issues, setting piers should be the first project you tackle. Piers are needed when your foundation settles, cracks, or separates in order to raise and level the structure of your home. Once piers are installed you may call a masonry contractor to help you with your brick repairs.

  • Stone Repairs

Stone repairs are a lot like brick repairs but tend to be more challenging for masons since the rates tend to be higher than brick repairs. Natural stone is a sturdier material compared to brick and can be harder to damage, but if damaged the consequences can be more serious and planning the stone repair is of the utmost importance. The signs of damaged stone are similar to brick and they include hairline cracks, cracked stone, cracked mortar, and separation of the stone wall.

  • Block Repairs

Exterior block walls are not common for residential homes in most parts of the United States, but if you have experienced some type of block damage such as cracked block, hairline cracks, or any type of departure you should consider block repair immediately. Unlike stone and brick, block is a type of material that holds a lot of weight and is usually used as support for an existing structure. Because of the purpose of this material further damage can occur to the home if not fixed immediately.

  • Stucco

In some parts of the country stucco is used more than brick, block, or stone, but what most people do not know about this type of material is that there are contractors that specialize on this material. For example if you contact a masonry company for tile or concrete services chances are they will refer you to a concrete or tile company. Stucco repairs are not as dangerous as when you repair some masonry such as brick repairs, stone repairs, or block repairs because stucco does not support any type of structure. Most signs of needed stucco repairs are cracks on the exterior walls.

We all hate dealing with any type of home repair, but it is important to always seek professional help with any of your masonry that needs repairing. When looking for a Toronto masonry contractor make sure that they are qualified for your type of repair.

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