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Bowman Masonry Restoration Ltd. specializes in the creation of Rumford fireplaces, and is in fact promoted on as builders of these beautiful and efficient fireplaces.

The Rumford fireplace, named after their creator Sir Benjamin Thompson, also known as Count Rumford, first appeared in 1796. They are extremely efficient because they are tall and shallow, which allows for the reflection of more heat. The smaller the area, the less energy it takes to heat the walls of the fireplace, creating more heat for the room. As well, the throat – the part of the fireplace that leads from where the fire is built up through to the chimney – is smooth, allowing smoke to do as it naturally wants to do – flow straight up. The chimney opening itself is also narrower, increasing updraft.

When burning wood in a Rumford fireplace, the logs are vertically, just like you would start a campfire when cooking outdoors. Arranging your logs this way will create the most amount of heat, and the least amount of smoke and pollutants in your home.

As older homes are being renovated and restored, and as classical and American architecture is becoming more popular, the Rumford fireplace is making a comeback.

The Rumford fireplace is an excellent choice for any home. Whether you are looking to restore your current Rumford fireplace to its natural glory, or wish to install one in your home, please give Bowman Restoration a call for more information. Your existing fireplace can also be retrofitted to a Rumford fireplace, providing you with warmth during the cooler months, and a statement piece all throughout the year.

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