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Bowman Masonry Restoration LTD is family run. We are the Peel chimney builders that have over 25 years experience and jobs varying from chimneys to old home restorations. We pride ourself on customer service and giving the customer in what they want. We do work for contractors and on private residential jobs as well.

Peel Brick Patching

Almost all structurally sound dwellings are made of some type of block. Block offers durability and more benefits than wooden structures. Brick and other types of stone can beautify your home or business, but can also wear down over time.

Call on the Peel chimney builders that can replace your brick. Bowman Masonry Restoration LTD focuses on these types of dwelling as we’re the leading choice for brick replacements. Stop talking yourself out of one and call us today for a free estimate.

Brick replacement services include:

  • Chimney Brick Replacement – Your chimney is a place that’s often overlooked. In fact, most homeowners tend to think their chimneys are free of problems and are able to last forever, but that’s far from the truth.
  • Stone Replacement – Any type of stone can easily be repaired as long as you utilize the masonry services of Bowman Masonry Replacement. For three decades, we have been making business and homeowners pleased.
  • Brick & Stone Installation – Installations can happen just as easily as repairs. We provide you with the latest in masonry skills as we are the local’s choice for quality installations. Give us a call today!

Peel Masonry Restorations

Masonry restorations can make your home more complete. Why not bring the historical value of your home to full circle? You’re only missing out on a quality service if you don’t. Unsecured walls only present a hazard that doesn’t need to be.

Unsecured walls can become a dire situation very quickly. Call us ASAP when this happens as our restoration service can protect you and your family. Don’t call tomorrow for a service that can be taken care of today.

It doesn’t matter the situation, we can handle all types of emergencies. Do it now before someone gets hurt! If you have recently acquired the property and need your walls secured, then call us. We won’t mind restoring what is meant to be.

Peel Chimney Builders

When you are looking for qualified chimney builders, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of the professionals from Bowman Masonry Restoration LTD. Our chimney services can make your home look more complete and not like they need servicing.

Damaged wallpaper is an indication that you’re going to need a Peel chimney builder.Excessive moisture gathered in the chimney should be taken care of as soon as you notice it. Being alert when it comes to chimney problems helps you, as the homeowner, prevent expensive repairs.

What Our Peel Customers Are Saying About Us

“My chimney was in bad shape, but being the owner of a century home I was going to be very selective about who was going to do the rebuild. I did a thorough investigation – getting 5 quotes, checking references, viewing pictures of work completed and comparing estimates. Most homeowner want the same thing – the job done right, a fair price and that the process of doing the work is professional (show up on time, clean up, keep the neighbours happy etc). Guy and his team at Bowman Masonry exceeded my expectations in all facets – great job, great value and their professionalism was evident throughout. I can’t recommend them strongly enough.”

– Sandy Peel, ON |

If you are looking for Masonry Contractor in Toronto or any of the service areas above, please call Bowman Masonry Restoration LTD at 647-341-1770 or fill out our online request form.


Scaffolding is a requirement for most chimney projects, and is an area where Bowman Masonry can save you money. We not only own scaffolding equipment but have the employees to erect scaffolding as well; ensuring that you pay for the work to be completed, not on getting our masons where they need to be.

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