Building with masonry in Toronto is a timeless form of art. It involves constructing of structures through individual units that are laid in one by one and bound together using mortar. Common materials used are brick, granite, limestone, tile, glass block, concrete block, stone, marble and stucco. Logically, this technique is no less a highly durable type of construction.

Because of the intricacy and tediousness, this construction style could be very costly. The materials used are not just sturdy and firm; those are also among the most expensive. However, the overall costs involved in the materials and method of construction could be the price required for buildings with compressive and impressive strength.

The building style is best known as it has been used in the construction of the famous Egyptian pyramids. Roman cities and Greek temples are also identified with it. Most of such ancient structures are still strongly standing today. What other proof could there be about how this construction technique could bring about endurance and natural beauty? Not surprisingly, Toronto masonry remains as a top choice for construction of many buildings and residences.

The value offered by the construction style to Toronto homebuyers could be identified as among the top reasons for its continuous popularity. Who would not want to construct a home or a building that could possibly withstand time? Aside from that, it also uses environmentally responsible materials and building methods. Thus, the construction style is often associated with ‘green buildings.’ Here are several other advantages of building through masonry.

First, the building could be fire-resistant. This is because the materials used are generally non-combustible. Have you ever wondered why those buildings identified with this construction style have been able to outlast wars? Aside from that, the building could also turn out to be weather-resistant. The exterior walls could hold up even to the fiercest storms, most scorching heat, and freezing temperatures.

Masonry could facilitate natural protection against mold, fungi, and rotting. Because there is no wood component on the exterior and the walls, nothing could rot. Building up of mildew is also prevented. Consequently, inhabitants of such buildings may not be at greater risk of health problems like asthma, throat infection and chronic fatigue.

Third, there could be superior sound proofing. The building could block out unwanted and unlikely noise from the outside. The materials used could be cited for this as well as the construction style. Thus, it is best recommended to households that prefer a quieter and more serene home environment.

Lastly, Toronto masonry facilitates lasting natural beauty of the building. The owner need not spend much on maintenance just to keep the structure good looking, which in turn keeps the resale value higher. The edifice would not age and deteriorate just like most buildings that used this construction technique. Above all, building owners could always rave about how they incur lower utility bills. The materials used along with natural thermal mass insulation system could store more energy so that the structure could stay warmer during cold season and cooler during summer, reducing overall electric consumption.

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